USA Real Estate and Property Management Team’s accounting/bookkeeping staff are highly trained experienced professionals that are eager to talk with you at any time about your account. We use one of the most sophisticated accounting programs available today. It is the AppFolio program. This program, along with our excellent accounting staff, and the integrity of USA Real Estate and Property Management Team, assure you of accurate monthly statements.


The monthly statements are a comprehensive, detailed and easy to understand accounting of all income and expenses pertaining to your property. Each statement is accompanied with all the invoices, back up receipts and a year to date total. The monthly statements are mailed out along with your monthly check on the 15th of each month. We also offer the option of having your monthly check direct deposited into your bank account, your statements emailed to you and followed up with receiving a year-end statement including a 1099 for your tax records.


USA Real Estate and Property Management Team utilizes all available sources to market your rental property to maximize the exposure, in order to keep any vacancy factor to a minimum. Those sources include but are not limited to the following list:

  • Greater Association of Las Vegas Realtors, Multiple Listing Service
  • USA Real Estate and Property Management Team’s Website
  • Trulia.com
  • Zillow.com
  • AHRN (military Website)
  • Hotpads.com
  • Realtor.com
  • Incentives and compensation to Realtors
  • Emails and flyers to over 5000 Realtors
  • Additional newspaper advertising is available


Tenant management is our top priority to ensure the successful management of your property.  To do this, USA Real Estate and Property Management Team has established certain policies and procedures that give us the best results which include but are not limited to the following:


  1. Posting tenant requirements on our Website.
  2. Requiring all perspective tenants physically inspect the property prior to submitting an application.
  3. Having all applicants fill out a detailed rental/lease application and pet application if applicable.
  4. Obtaining a full background report from an independent Credit Reporting agency including:
    • Current employment verification
    • Current and past residence verification
    • Rental/lease history
    • Credit history and credit score
    • Fraud search
    • Derogatory remarks search
    • Criminal history report
    • Eviction history report


After all the above criteria has been received, USA Real Estate and Property Management Team contacts the owner of the property with all the information on the applicant so the owner can make an informed decision as to the approval or disapproval of the applicant. If approved, USA prepares a lease and collects all the funds.

Next USA sets up a time with the new tenant to conduct a detailed pre-move inspection to document the condition prior to releasing the property and setting up a new account.


$200.00 – Initial Setup Fee: This is a one-time fee required on each property, which covers the following:

  • Property Inspection
  • Photos for MLS and Internet
  • Install lock-box for showing and vendors
  • Install signage (BY WRITTEN REQUEST ONLY)
  • Perform an extensive written property evaluation report
  • Take digital photos to accompany  evaluation report
  • Evaluation report reviewed by manager with recommendations
  • Evaluation report, pictures and recommendations sent to owner
  • Schedule any necessary repairs with follow-up inspections
  • Enter all owner and property information into AppFolio
  • Obtain and enter all warranty and insurance information, keys, transmitters, codes, mail box keys and numbers, and parking information
  • Obtain the Rules and Regulations if in a HOA
  • List property in best practice advertising resources
  • Answer all phone calls and inquiries regarding property from prospective tenants and Realtors
  • Find the right tenant
  • Have the applicants fill out a rental/lease applications
  • Obtain a credit report and background information on tenant
  • Get owner’s approval of prospective tenant
  • Obtain a signed rental/lease agreement and all the appropriate forms
  • Collect security deposit(s) and rent
  • Schedule move-in inspection
  • Conduct pre-move inspection and create report with tenant with photos


USA Real Estate and Property Management Team’s Management Fee is 10% of the monthly collected rent that goes into effect once the property is rented or leased. This fee is discounted to 8% if an owner has 5 or more properties under management agreement with USA Real Estate and Property Management Team. In addition, a $250 – reserve balance is maintained in your account for misc. bill and expenses.